Uniform Supplies

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Whether you are wearing cammies or dress blues, the uniforms members of the United States Marines wear demonstrate an unbreakable bond. This bond includes the band of brothers and sisters who currently serve as well as links with the U.S. Marine Corps' proud past as the first to fight.

Standing Tall

A Marine Corps uniform should always be worn with pride. That depends not only on the stature of the wearer but the condition of the uniform and how it looks.

When you shop here at SGT GRIT, you can choose from hundreds of officially licensed USMC uniform supplies and accessories. That makes it easy to find exactly what you need to make you and your uniform look your best.

Ribbons, Medals and Badges

Our Marine Corps supplies include a huge selection of ribbons to display honors and achievements. Our ribbon mounts make it easy to display ribbons neatly and with pride.

We also have campaign medals to mark service in wars like Vietnam as well as badges to designate skills like sharpshooter pistol or rifle marksman status. You can check out dress cap badges here featuring the Corps' famed eagle, globe and anchor emblem. We have stripes and stars as well as chevrons to denote all kinds of ranks from grunt to officer.

Belts for All Occasions

You can find web belts here in a variety of colors as well as white gloves for dress parade. Choose from belts with or without buckles.

We also carry NCO duty belts. Made of cowhide leather, they are available in a range of sizes and your choice of black or white. Our 1 1/8" enlisted Marine's blood stripes provide the perfect finishing touch for each leg of a pair of dress trousers.