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11th Marines

11th Marines Admin |

Thought I would dazzle you with some of my Nam pics. Here is an aerial view of HQ, 11th Marine Regiment, near DaNang. The Comm Plt is the small group of about 8 hooches kinda by themselves to the left of the compound. We always felt kinda lonely down the hill by ourselves. Then again it did have some advantages, nobody bothered us. If memory serves me correctly, 11th Motors was across the road on the right. At the bottom of our compound we had an Army search light detachment, attached to 11th Marines. Apparently Marines did not have search lights so we borrowed from the Army.

At the top was HQ, 1MarDiv. The top left was 1st Force Recon. The road running through the picture south to Dai La pass, OP Robin, OP? To the left would take you to Dog Patch, Freedom Hill Exchange, DaNang Airbase and DaNang.

Feel free to correct me. It's only been 45 years and my brain housing group is not as tight as it once was.

Semper Fi!
Sgt Grit 

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