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13 Weeks of Goodbyes

this is a poem i made for a marine and i want to share it.

this poem was made for
Rct. Lauzier
Plt. 4033 Co. Oscar Bn. 4th
Box. 16435
Parris Island SC. 29905

made on Aug. 13th 2009

13 Weeks of Goodbyes
by Danielle Font

I knew it would be hard
when we got togetther, she told me
I knew it would happen.
“its only 13 weeks.”
I kept putting it off.
Its still a while away,
so I thought.
I was wrong.
So many love songs,
so many hugs,
so many kisses.
I miss them all.
I woke up,
it was the day,
the last day together.
I could feel it in the air,
a heaviness,
a chill.
There, outside
in the warm sun,
I held her.
I kissed her.
The words wouldn’t leave my mouth,
they left hers first,
I love you
its ony 13 weeks.”


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