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175mm Guns at Camp Carroll

175mm Guns at Camp Carroll

Clip of article in Sea Tiger, features photo of Marine next to Artillery Soldier next to Army Artillery

In August 1967 I arrived in-country and eventually ended up with “India” Co. 3/3 at a place called “Payable”. Just a little hole in the ground along route #9 and one of the last stops before The Rock Pile, Razorback, LZ Stud (Later Named Vandergrift) and Khe Sahn. Just want to confirm with Paul Martell….Yeah they were really loud and it took all we sometimes had to keep our shaky little hoochs up after some of the outgoing barrages but, thank god for those big boys. One other note, we are the ones “India” 3/3 who saved those same Army Arty guys at Camp Carroll from getting pounded everyday from NVA Arty coming out of Dong Ha mountain. Took us a couple of days to get to the dug in Gun Positions but, we eventually ran the NVA off the mountain and captured the 75mm Howitzers. Funny thing…They turned out to be American Made!

Danny L. Medders
First Sgt, Retired
RVN 67-68 3/3

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