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1954 Ford and 45 Years

1954 Ford and 45 Years

I have seen in the past few newsletters, Marines sending pictures of their cars and trucks with items from your store. I have just completed a nut and bolt restoration/customizing of my 1954 Ford F-100. I wanted to have something special made to honor my friends, friends I made 45 years ago in a really ugly hooch. I had the honor and the privilege to be with 11th Marines and living, eating, a tad bit of drinking, and standing watch with Don Whitton, John Gugliotta, and Jim Fuller. We still speak and visit to this day.

I wanted a custom job done. I did not want just a decal. I contacted Sgt Grit's Custom Department and they had four challenge coins made for me exactly as I wanted them. On each wheel dust cap is an 11th Marines Regimental logo and below is engraved each of the names: Grit, Goog, Fuller, and Hunts. Perfect fit. I would urge you all to try the custom department. If you
can dream it, they can do it.

And yes, everyone notices the caps.

SSgt Dan Huntsinger
USMC '68-'74
11th Marines, DaNang '69-'70 

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