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1st Medical Battalion - Da Nang

I was one of 10 6×6 trucks from Motor-T, 1st Med Bn. We were the first at the blast to remove military and civilian personnel from the blast. The blast was so severe it almost blew our trucks over. I made many trips from there to 1st Med on the other side of Freedom Hill.  Everything was leveled to the ground. PX at Freedom Hill…Sea bees base gone… driving back and forth.  Ordnance was blowing onto the road… some of which exploded… there for 36 hours… one hell of a time.

Rich Boyd  USMC, 1968 to 1970 

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Lloyd Balch - May 13, 2022

Does any remember D com 1st hospital co up by the club and when we went to1st med bal 1st marine we was 5th marine and was out in the field a lot and we were hi real bad on one of our trip their at nigh
Lloyd balch
I still have the 1st med marine company photo group

Lloyd Balch - May 13, 2022

I was at 1st med motor pool when it blew up and drove in cracker box to it and mad runs to hue . The only name I remember was nasty and Ronny Inman in the motor pool also. Do any one remember the painting of the vehicle on top of the shop? Sometime I help in craves next door. Top hale and me were the oldest and youngest on 68 marine corps birthday. If their is any still around that was their from early 68 to 70 drop me a line I am in Knoxville tn 7312038114 and email lrbalch3@gmail. Com

Bill Perkinson - February 5, 2022

I was with you Richard.Remember everyone was evacuated but us the Marines.The 200 of us was told to hold our position because we were the only ones left between the gooks and Div.As you said ASP-1 blew up all night.It was a long night.
Bill Perkinson USMC 68-70

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