2016 Vice Presidential Candidates Have Marine Sons

2016 Vice Presidential Candidates Have Marine Sons

Both VP candidates – Pence and Kaine – have a son who is a Marine. First Lieutenant Nathaniel Kaine, an infantry officer with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, and 2nd Lieutenant Michael Pence, who is currently in flight school at Naval Air Station Whiting Field.

2nd Lt Michael Pence

Must be a new requirement to be considered for VP.

Sgt Grit

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  • Angelo J.Manos (Sgt)

    Seems like the only good news that is the truth that I have heard during this election comtest.I think that the libertarion candidate,Johnson,also has a Marine Officer for a son but not sure.I would definitely vote for any of those Marines for President

  • John M. Stone

    Wonder if either one will hear the sound of the one that missed you?

  • Bob

    You have to go somewhere for honesty,integrity, and leadership!

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