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2nd Battalion Barracks

2nd Battalion Barracks

In regards to the posting in the newsletter of April 6th. The writer that stated that in 1959 that 2nd Battalion barracks were brick. I went through Parris Island recruit training in January, February, and March of 1966 (Platoon 215). The picture of my wife and myself was taken in from of my barracks on the windy graduation day of 9 March 1966. As you can see from the picture, the barracks of 2nd Battalion were wood with what appeared to be either wood or asbestos siding.

Also, as to Yellow Footprints. After being herded off of the bus around midnight and into Receiving while being yelled and screamed at the entire time, there could have been yellow, red, purple or any other color footprints on the deck, and I don’t think anyone getting off of that bus would have noticed them.

Semper Fi,
Cpl Bob Mauney
RVN 1966/1967

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Wayne Rost - June 19, 2023

1960 Parris Island..platoon 318,3rd battalion MARINES!
Staff Sargent Poretta senior drill instructor,Buck Sargent Chavose,Buck Sargent Smith,POW Lebanon crises,we didn’t leave that down in our boot conversation. Neicine huts at first little coal stoves at first,Quanset huts after a month than Brick barracks for about one hour,the floor
was red epoxy never setup,and stained our dress greens for final field. back to ye old Quanset huts with new dress greens to prep for final field…loved my Drill instructors, loved Paris Island,Loved the Marine Corps..73 years later..NON HODGKINS LYMPHOMA riddled my body from the Camp Geiger, Camp Lejune poisoned water…The Marine Corps and the VA have been dillegent in helping in any way they can..God bless our Marine Corps and the Va…thanks

stephen frank - April 19, 2023

i was in plt 2092 in september 1966. the barracks were wood. tight on Panama st.

George Soter - April 19, 2023

I was in Platoon 277 in 1973. Aug-Nov i do believe.
looking for the Grad book.

Tom Kennedy - December 3, 2022

I went through boot camp from Aug-Nov 1974 and remember going through forming in the old wooden barracks. I was in Platoon 277. That was a rude awakening stepping off that bus but I would not trade it for anything! Semper Fi to all who went through it!

SSgt Joe Anderson - July 14, 2022

I went through PI 1963 Sep to Dec platoon 283 second battalion. We went on the second floor of the old wood barracks.

Hammer - July 11, 2020

PI winter of 79/80.. 2nd BN. Wooden barracks were used for receiving. When the full platoon was picked up by our DIs, we moved across the street to our brick barracks. View from second floor was looking over the parade deck, reviewing stand, memorial, etc…. I distntly recall the sunken heads and the bayonet scars in the wood work of the old receiving barracks. Also, our series was a 3 platoon series instead of four. PLT 2005, D Co., 2nd Bn

Joe Williams - July 11, 2020

I was in platoon 262 Aug to Nov 1960. wooden barracks,don”t remember footprints, could be because i was scared to death. Best 4 years of my life. Those years formed my life. gave me a work ethic that is still there to this day. Semper Fi brothers.

Mike Munro - July 11, 2020

I was in Plt. 279 From March 67′ thru May. My personal opinion of this Blog is there seems to be a conflict as to whether it’s Sandiago California or PI Sc. When I was in boot camp, all barracks were wood from with asbestos siding and at the rifle range, they were all brick. The yellow foot prints were obvious because of obvious instruction to place your feet on them. Some time in the 90’s I went back and they were all brick. The only time I saw quonset huts was at Camp Pendleton in October 67′ before going to ‘Nam.

Roger Craft - July 11, 2020

I was in plt 153 Jul, Aug, Sep of 1961. 1st and 2nd Bn were both in wood barracks. 3rd Bn was in brick. SSgt Ball, SSgt Tracy, and SSgt Tafao were our DI’s. Went back about 3 yrs ago, went to the Museum and was told I better go visit the old barracks because they were being torn down the next week. My old barracks was still there and brought back a ton of memories. Glad I got to see it before it was torn down.

Cpl. Edward Garrett. Plt 65 - July 11, 2020

This 80 year Marine was in wooden barracks in 1954. Jan – apr. no oohraah bull rap just SEMPER Fi and sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne movies when we deserved it.loved it. SEMPER Fi MARINES.

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