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old 3rd bn barracks mcrd pi

I would like to send a photo and brief description of the old 3rd Bat. barracks at Parris Island that are being torn down. I was there two weeks ago, they are partially demolished, the bricks are being preserved and sold by the base museum to raise funds. The barracks were used from 1960/61 until three years ago. A new Bat. area is located a short distance away. I took some pictures of the shells of these buildings while standing on the old parade deck, many memories came to me there in the silence. Thought many old 3rd Bat. Marines would like to see what has happened to the barracks. I was there in 1961, they were brand new, and jokingly referred to as Disneyland by the 1st and 2nd Bats.

B.R. Whipple, Sgt

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  • Thearle J. Lacey

    Hey, Michael, if Fox who kept referring to himself as “El Lobo” was your SDI then, he was our ADI at Plt# 339 Jul 7, 1961 with SDI S/Sgt Rushing. He had it in for me and seemed to hate that I wore a St. Christopher’s medal with my tags. He pissed me off when he grabbed me by that medal when I was coming from the shower, asking me if I thought it would help me become a Marine. I told him, “No, but I expect it to help,” and glared back at him. I got decked because I didn’t preface my answer with “SIR.” His next problem with me was in class tearing down the .45 pistol and just as he warned us to hang on to the plug, my sweaty fingers allowed it to slip free from a few seats back, whizzed by his head and hit the blackboard, green really, behind him. Sgt Patterson walked by me as Fox’s face turned red, and Patterson slipped e plug into my hand. Thinking back, I hated that cocky little Fox and would tell him today El Lobo is for “Wolf.” Wolf has become my nickname when discovering my Native American heritage. I had completed tests that were given earlier in my PI stay and had qualified for OCS, so maybe he was wanting to give me a boot to Quantico. Thearle J. Lacey 1970***

  • Thearle J. Lacey

    Msgt Del Lozano: This is the first notice of when my SDI, S/Sgt Rushing trained a platoon at PI before or after when I graduated from PI in Plt. #339 of the 336 series, Jul 7, 1961 – Sep. 27, 1961. I had been looking for him since I started looking for someone who had and could copy my dress blues photo from our grad book. SDI Rushing helped break in a couple of ADI when training us–one was Sgt. Fox. We had remaining ADI’s Sgt Long and Sgt Patterson. Sgt Grit sent me notice of one boot with me and in contacting him, he sent me a copy of our platoon pic but refused to assist me anymore for any copies of our platoon and dress blues photos, implying that it was simply too hard to do so. Ergo, my request was shortened for the dress blues photo as I am the middle person in a three generation Marine family and didn’t have my photos to give my son, John 1995 from Plt. #1050 MCRSD to place in an album with my Dad’s photos, Guadalcanal et al, WW II. As you know, the fire played hell with records from 1961 – ’62 with destroying most of those records. My DD214 was sent via a copy from records that the VA had and that’s all I could find. I lost everything else to a vindictive spouse years before my quest. I had suffered a severely broken back in four places during my last week at Camp Geiger. I was Honorably discharged under Medical conditions and when I tried to reup at the end of two years inactive reserve, I couldn’t pass the physical because I couldn’t carry weight of the equivalent to back pack/gear on my shoulders. (What I just had fixed in an operation was a crushed vertebra in my neck along with cracks in two more below it. It seems the M1 barrell caught me there as I fell but that damage wasn’t found until three years ago.) I had entered the Corps and sworn in at 16, shipped out just after my 17th birthday. My father had died and I needed guidance to find my own way in life. No one showed up for Grad Day, me being the only boot who didn’t come to share that great day for me. Sgt Rushing, who reminded me of Clark Cable found me in the barracks after the ceremony and took the time to sit with me and talk for about twenty minutes. It was the first time anyone talked to me in a fatherly way in three years. I wanted to find him and thank him while I looked for my book. Do you know where I could find an address for him? I am also looking for Sgt Patterson’s location as he ‘saved’ me a few times. I have searched everywhere for my book or pictures in uniform as in trying to get more records, I was asked to enclose a uniform picture so that they could keep it with whatever they found. This made finding my Grad Book even more important. I can’t believe that I can’t find anyone else to help me who graduated with me. Semper Fi. Pvt. Thearle J. Lacey, Jr.– 1970***. USMC TJLacey@comcast.net

  • Mike Garcia

    Hi my name is Mike Garcia. I see that we were in the same platoon. I would like to hear from you

  • Sgt. Janicek, USMC


  • Sgt. Janicek, USMC

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