4th of July Poem – Birthday Tribute

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A Birthday Tribute To Our Nation

Poem by By Bob Beskar

Every time I see "Old Glory", I think of many things…
But most of all our freedom, that so many died to bring!

Though our Nation still is young, and suffers growing pains,
the visions of our forefathers, still solidly remains.

Their dreams are now reality, and their hopes the way we live,
and the blood they shed for us, was the price they vowed to give.

We've weathered many storms, and made some huge mistakes,
But we strive to make life better, and will do what it may take!

Though our backgrounds often vary, our dreams are much the same,
and we'll fight until the death, for our freedom to remain.

The men who formed this Nation, knew well what they laid out,
and sacrificed so much, to bring this all about.

And now each year we celebrate, what those before us gave…
but even now there is a force that wants us in our grave!

We're criticized for many things, the world does without,
but when there is a cry for help; we're first to help them out.

We do it from our hearts, and for our fellow man,
for that's what freedom teaches us, and lives throughout this land.

So as we celebrate our Nation's birth, across our land and sea…
Let's remember all our heroes, who died to make us free!

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