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50 Years

July 31 1967 platoon 1026 senior DI said the same thing,most of you are going to nam, half will make it back. I went,landed in country January 23 1968 0311, I got back,with a lot of help from those DIs,a smack now and then worked. SF

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bob sweeney - June 8, 2020

hey Marine, this is Bob Sweeney, I was in plt.1026 at that time.Our senior D I was Staff Sgt. Gabbard,then ther was Sgt. Conners, the Black belt karate guy. I got one of those chops in the throat coming out of the head, for stopping to grab some water. Remember it well! .So many of us did,nt come back.If you remember private Black, ha sang like an opera singer, I ran in to him over there,then when I got home was told he did,nt make it. Wow its good to hear/see from someone from the old outfit, .

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