A Letter From Boot Camp

A Letter From Boot Camp

My buddy is currently at Parris Island going through boot camp and this is a letter we received from him.


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  • Peter Roberto

    As a 2531 Radio Operator and more for 4 years 63-67. All the stuff about who and what is the bad ass well I’ve been on the FO Team with the Grunts for many months cold hot wet rotted clothes & boots, months of C’s called many fire missions in. Went to jump school and some special weapons and more. Did my Anglico stint, hung off nets on the sides of ships worked with the doggies and the green weenies, watched the coastie swimmers, seals and mostly just had a ball. Now a vet of 70+. Any VET from any branch who signed on that line is the badass. Argue all you want America is topps.

  • Richard Dotson

    His attitude doesn’t sound like United States Marine quality. As stated above, his drill instructors have a lot of work ahead if this guy ever earns the EGA………. Tell him to suck it up and be a man, not a crying baby.

  • Sgt Robert Padgett 2nd Marine Division 1963 to 1967

    Sounds like he needed that type of training so that he knows how to respect others. He is acting like a little baby. It is about time he became a man..HA HA The DIs have alot of work ahead of them to turn this tard into a marine

  • Clifford B Jobes

    My first impression of Parris Island and Boot camp was ” What in the hell am I doing here”!! Former S/Sgt.

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