A Veteran's Poem

A Veteran's Poem

The following is by my friend, a fellow Marine, Rick Waller. He wrote this for the Veterans program at his church.

Who I Am
by Richard Waller

I venture far from home, family, and friends;
I go to places I’ve never been;
I encounter people I’ve never known;
I see and hear things I’ve never imagined;
My days do not end with the setting sun.
Where I walk I do want it to be known.
When I speak I do not want to be overheard!

You say, “You are brave.”
I say, “I am well trained.”
You say, “You could die.”
I say, “Death is part of a living.”
You say, “I don’t believe in what you are doing.”
I say, “I do!”
You say, “Why do you do it?”
I say, “Because you don’t.”
You say, “That offends me!”
I say, “That is your choice.”
You say, “None of this makes sense to me.”
I say, “If you understood, you would understand.”

I am a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America,
For America,
For the Nations,
For the inhabitants of the earth:
I do not ask,
What do you believe?
What is your ethnicity?
What is your social status?
Do you like me?
I just defend and prepare to defend.
I train and train some more.
I am disciplined.
I am faithful.
I am trustworthy.

You are safe because I am brave.
I am brave so you can be safe!
Your safety is called FREEDOM.
My bravery is called DUTY.
I am a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America,
Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard
National Guard

Home of the BRAVE!
Home of the FREE!

Cpl. Richard (Wally) Waller
1st MAW
MAG 12
VMA 533
Chu Lai, RVN

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