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A Walk Through Memory Lane

A Walk Through Memory Lane

Here's a short walk through memory lane for those of us that were at MCAF Marble Mountain on 28 October 1965… Ron Jennings and George DeChant were both wounded in the Ready Room (Operations?) Tent by a Sapper. Our Corpsman (actor Tab Hunter's brother) was blown up in the MedEvac bird and a few more squadron mates were killed or wounded. I have a sh-t pot full of colored slides with better shots of the whole scene including dead Charlies stacked in trucks with some missing their faces. They patched Jennings up in Japan (Yokuska) with humorous tale about his "adventures" in the Ville… Last photo was leftover Charlie grenades.

A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Featuring the Voice of Mr. Sam Elliott

Jim McCallum
The Ole Gunny

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