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I just wanted to tell you all about the best thing I ever heard a man tell his ex-wife. This man was a WWII vet that was captured at the battle of the bulge and even though forty or so years seperated us, we struck up a friendship that was close to father and son. Well he and his ex- still owned a restaraunt together and Clyde and I would meet there every morning around six and drink coffee and just talk about whatever. Well one morning his ex- must have been in a bad mood because when she came in she walked up to the table and said why don't you two get to work and stop drinking my coffee. Well Clyde was an easy going man but he must have had enough of her crap. He looked up at her and calmly said "You know the Germans treated me better as a POW then you ever did in twenty years as a husband." Well that shut her up fast and she stormed away. I had to bite my lip to keep from busting my gut. Well, we continued to meet every morning before we went to work and she never bothered us again about drinking her coffee.

T French

'78-'93 Semper Fi

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