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And The Winners Are: Bandana Quilt

And The Winners Are: Bandana Quilt

Quilts make a beautiful topper for any bed and are great for country picnics too. I love to sew and I make quilt tops from your handkerchiefs. They are set in blue and have the blood stripe around the edge. I have them professionally quilted at a local shop here in Nashville. I did not have a photo of a finished quilt so the photo attached was taken by the person who received this quilt as a gift. It is difficult to see the real beauty of this product with this limited view. When I finish the quilt I am working on now I will send you a full view photo. I'm glad you had this contest. I have wanted to share this idea with you for a while. I hope others will try this. Everyone who has seen my quilts love them.

Debbie Hollis
Marine Corps Officer Programs
Nashville, TN

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