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Angels In Uniform

Angels In Uniform
D. Mayhew

I am a proud father of a U.S. Marine stationed in Iraq at this time. The year and a half that he has been in the Marines has done wonders for not only him, but for me as a father. When he graduated from High School, he had no goals, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do or be, since then he has come to realize that not all hard working U.S. citizens are in the public work force. He has made my wife and I very proud when he stands tall, looks you straight in the eyes when speaking with you. I am by no means a professional poet but I do dabble a bit, one night while thinking of him and others overseas I come up with this little poem. I hope you enjoy.

Angels in uniform

In sand storms or pouring rain
In the U.S. is where most were born
Fighting for rights of others
Are our blessed angels in uniform

Some have battled evil before
To others, this fight is new
Remember that the rights of many
Are won by a special few

Heroes one and all I say
Brave men and women choose
To protect the freedom we love
In a battle they will not lose

Thanks to all who served before
And to all who serve today
May God watch over and protect you
Is what we at home will pray

In the air, on the land or sea
In a world that?s so badly torn
Go these wonderful and fearless
Blessed angels in uniform


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