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April 11th 2009 Wedding

April 11th 2009 Wedding

Nick and his Mom during her wedding dayNick and his Mom during her wedding dayThis past Saturday my honey and I got married after nine years of being together. My son just graduated boot camp on Nov. 5th of 2008. He is currently in North Carolina at Camp Lejuene. It was a nerve racking time for me because I did not know whether he would be able to come home for my wedding. He is my only child and I am a single mother. Since he was little it has always just been him and I going it alone but we managed to get by with the help of the good Lord and my awesome family. I just could not imagine getting married with out him. Originally we had the date set for the 18th of April but as fate would have it the Marine Corps had other plans for him. He was unable to make the original date and at the last minute we had to change it to the 11th. This was a set back and some family members were unable to attend because of it but hey, my Marine made it and to me that was all that mattered. He has not been enlisted long enough to be a hero yet but I am no less proud of him, he has came a long way in life and being there at the wedding to walk me up the isle, meant more to me than life itself. I wanted to share with you a photo of a proud momma and her new Marine.

Semper Fi,
VPMM of Nick
2nd Bn. Echo Co. Pt. 2107

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