Banana Rum

From about July 68 to Apr. 69 I had the pleasure of being assigned to the ferry crossing of the Song-Tu-Bon located at “Liberty Bridge” about halfway between An-Hoa and Hill 37. From time to time,not often,we would venture into the Ville of Dai-Loc ,located near Hill 37 to purchase some services and other items. The Locals made a beverage made from bananas we called it banana rum, don’t know what they called it, but it was one of those drinks that you never really knew what the alcohol content was. It was like drinking Sloe Gin went down smooth but after a few drinks POW! Sit down,drink,but don,t get up to fast or you might fall. Banana Rum, the original Jungle Juice. What reminded me is that one of my buddies is making his version of Jungle Juice for the Super Bowl. Harry 1371
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  • MSgt Edd Prothro, USMC Ret. 1964-1984

    That fish sauce was called “nuoc mam” and was eaten with everything. Harry, what kind of services did you get in Dai Loc? We often drank what we call “panther piss,” a really nasty tasting beer. 2/26 66-67, FLC 69-70 – Semper Fi!!

  • Nick

    OK I remember banana ice cream. Also remember a pine apple wine and rat stew and that fishy stew wwhat ever it was called. Nick 3/1 69′

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