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In 1954 I was assigned to Brig Company at Camp Pendelton and one of the areas of responsibility in addition to guarding the brig was to man the two most northern gates at Pendleton and to serve as shore patrol in San Clemente. To do this there was a small MP station in the southern edge of San Clemente that housed and fed those stationed there. It was duty to die for as we had rooms with closets instead of lockers and only two to a room. The mess hall was supplied by the 1st Division mess hall out at the tent camps. It was almost like have your own short order restaurant. Breakfast chow was ordered with eggs how you wanted them followed by in many cases steak, or bacon, maybe some sausage, and if you were homesick for the larger mess halls, SOS on order. Fridays were at that time fish and most of it wasn't fit to eat, not there, we had it fried, baked, broiled and each piece done just for you. The only problem on Fridays we would attract visiting brass and seats were hard to come by. It's no longer there but there are lots of fond memories as I pass the site today. How did they do it, easy, what the hell was a mess feeding 5000 going to do with a box of left over steaks or fish or an extra box of pork chops. 

Too bad more didn't get a chance to experience it. 

Charles R Broyles

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