Big And Little Agony

Big And Little Agony

Digging around through my ‘artifacts’, I found another jewel from boot camp – my U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship And Data Book (For U.S. Rifle 7.62-MM, M-14). Memories of Camp Matthews [1964] just roared back – living in those tents, running up and down ‘Big and Little Agony’, burying our rifles (with bolts open) in the sand and pouring water on them (rifle inspection hadn’t turned out very well, I guess), showering in less then warm water. Awe, yes… those were truly very informative days!

Semper Fi
Bob Lonn
Once a Marine! Always a Marine!

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  • Al Lansdale

    Hey David, Were you in Plt. 322? Al Lansdale.

  • Kent Valandra

    THAT I remember! At 6’7″ I was really in agony. I was there in 1958.

  • J. Lewis

    I too was remember running up and down those in 62 (Pat 224). Fond memories NOW?

  • Don Tresca

    How about Duck walking up Little Agony.

  • David Pease

    Ah yes, Big Agony and Little Agony. I remember them well. Back in 1962 our D.I. ran us up and down them till we puked!

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