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Birthday Ball in 1968

Birthday Ball in 1968

I really love your newsleter. Your newsletter would have been a great compliment along with Stars and Stripes and the Sea Tiger while I was in Vietnam.

My first Birthday Ball took place at the California Club in San Francisco in 1968 when I was stationed at Marine Barracks, Hunters Point. The guest of honor was non other than Pappy Boyington. Unfortunately, I was plagued with the Hong Kong Flu but nevertheless, I proudly participated with the color guard during the celebration. During the "present arms!" command, I was swaying as I lowered the American Flag. Mr Boyington assisted me by bringing the staff up to its proper position. He could see that I was ill and after the ceremony he suggested that I find a comfortable place to rest and to not partake in the celebration (drinking). I regret never getting his autograph and I definately regret never taking pictures.

GySgt John D. Foster
USMC 1966-1979

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