Boot Camp platoon

Boot Camp platoon

I went to SD boot camp on 7 June 1974. I’ve looked through my DD214s and I’m unable to find what my platoon number was. I’m pretty sure we graduated in Sept 1974. Reason for my search is I’m wanting to get copy of my boot camp photo album. Without platoon number all places with them can’t help me. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I would like to leave this with my family. I can be reached at aj_jm964@yahoo

Arthur J. Moon

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  • Steve Allen

    Do you remember your battalion? The first number of your platoon is the battalion number. Mine was 2nd battalion, so the 2 in 2077. I went in just after you in mid July. I’m guessing your ply number is less than 77 so probably one of the 3rd battalion numbers that have already been posted.
    Good luck in our quest.

    Respectfully submitted
    Ssgt Steve Allen

  • Dennis Edwards

    I wonder where the last 50 years have gone to !!! It’s a wonder that some of us are as sane as we are, considering our lives to now, but I am not complaining, the Good Lord, has blessed me, in the past, and he continues to pull my fat out of the fire to this day. Praise the Lord !!!!

    Sgt. D D Edwards

  • Dennis Edwards

    I think I remember you standing just outside of the duty hut door, I am sorry Hatchway, and your D.I.’s where pinning your strips on, I am sure that felt good. If you were an honor Guide, you had to be good. Semper Fi
    D.D. Edwards, Sgt. 0811/3041
    RVN March 1967 to 25 March 68

  • Michael Bonczewski

    Arthur I did a quick search and came across a listing of MCRD San Diego platoon start and stop dates for 1974. There isn’t a listing for 4 June 1974 but possibly you can use the platoon numbers in your search to find your name.
    3054 18 JUN 1974 04 SEP 1974
    3055 18 JUN 1974 04 SEP 1974
    3057 26 JUN 1974 12 SEP 1974
    3058 26 JUN 1974 12 SEP 1974
    Hope this helps
    Semper Fi

  • Bob 1381

    I’m with you Jeff…I have met some draftees that want to forget they were even in the Corps. I remember my platoon number, graduation dates, etc. But, I have no idea what my lock combination or my rifle S/N was. As I get older, many things have faded from my mind. However, I remember that I was, am, and always will be a UNITED STATES MARINE and cherish my short time in the Corps. PI. Platoon 215, graduated 9 March 1966……..Bob 1381 Vietnam 66/67.

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