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By Friends of the Marine Corps

Be Thankful
By: Sunnie, Age: 13
Daughter of a Marine

Be Thankful For Your Country
Be Thankful For All You’ve Got
You Most Probably Wouldn’t Be Here
You Would Have Gotten Shot

Those Iraqis Are So Mean
They Have No Heart At All
Just Be Thankful For Everything
You Have No Idea What’s Going On

Be Thankful For Our Marines
While They Go And Fight
As The Eagle Soars Throughout
They Will Make The Light!

By: Tricia, Age: 14

what should we do?
its Christmas Eve,
and my brothers are no where in sight
this just doesnt feel right.

all those men,
are fighting for our freedom,
while just sit around,
wishing we could see them

my whole life has changed,
like so many others,
since this war started.
we’re all hoping they dont suffer.

many have died.
many more injured.
i hope they all come home,
but i will not be reassured.

be thankful if you’re here.
because you’re not there.
all the soldiers are over there,
and no one really cares.

we’re over here.
fighting and worrying over retarded things,
compared to them,
we’re treated like queens and kings.

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