“C” Rats, good enough for Chesty, good enough for me – 1977

By: Kelly R Daniels

Started Bootcamp 31Jan1977, 3rd Bn. Platoon 3037, Recruit Depot Paris Island, SC.
We had C-Rats in the field that were canned in 1943 and 1944. 33 & 34 year old chew, We Loved It, heated em’ up with heat tabs and enjoyed. 3 years and all the C-Rats you can eat at the 2nd Bn. 7th Marine Ret., and a John Wayne, Heat tabs, and a little hot sauce from the PX, Made the field not so bad. The hills of Camp Pendleton was a vacation compared to jungles of Vietnam that all my Drill Instructors and Platoon Sergeants saw. God Bless Senior Drill Instructor SSgt. Moch, and God Bless the Marine Corps,,,,,
Semper Fi,,,

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    was at LZ Loon June 68,we had c rats dated 1944!!!!

  • Thomas S Miller

    So true, they were good, I was active duty 74-78 and reserve till 83. The first gen of MREs were horrible. I now work at the Natick Solider Systems Center where the food is made the new MREs are almost as good as the C rats.

  • Kapena

    Nice to see posts from so many Vietnam vets. Love your stories. My dad rest his soul never talked about his time in Vietnam. He would probably have a few stories about c-rats too. Love you guys! Semper FI.

  • Monty Crain

    1972-1976 I never saw a date later than 1945 on anything we ate. I couldn’t believe some leathernecks would trade good C-rats for some of the stuff in the boxes. I still have a can of “pound cake” and some kind of swirl thing that has to be soaked in scotch to be eaten. I spent weeks at a time calibrating tubes from Army and Marine artillery from 105 to 8” and 175mm. We always took about 10 bottles of hot sauce each but still only needed a feather duster for a$$ wipe. Thanks to my DI’s SSGT Blankenship Sgt Davis and Sgt McPheters for all they did for us.

  • Harry 1371

    Murray, after 10 months in country and, I know this will sound racist , but any “round eye girl” would probably looked good. Harry 1371

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