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Camp Napunja, Okinawa

In your most recent Newsletter, Barry Farris commented on the blank stares that he receives when he mentions that he was stationed at Camp Napunja, Okinawa in 1956.  I also have had the same problem when I say that I was at Camp Napunja in 1956 with the 3rd. Bn. 9th. Marines, after leaving Camp Okabu, japan, more blank stares.  Napunja was still under construction when we hit the beach and was pretty much the way Farris describes it.  I'm proud to say that our 3rd. Bn. included Col. Archie VanWinkle, Medal of Honor, then Weapons Company Comander and Col. Joe "Bull" Fisher, "Operation Starlite", then George Company Comander.  After 80 years of life it's good to hear from someone else who was there.  Semper Fi.

Karl Henry, Cpl. S2 0231 

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walt zuk - December 21, 2021

I was in Okinawa Dec1953 to April1955.C Batt 85aaa and D batt 65aaa.
Does anyone remember the name of the village just below where our
guys lived. I think it was the first village west of White beach

Fred Luskin (Harold F.) - June 7, 2021

I was in Headquarters 97th AAA, Napunja consisted of a bunch of Quanset huts. In November they moved 975 of us (including house-boys) down into Sukiran and moved 5000 Marines into the Quansets that we vacated. Upon arrival at Napunja in a group of draftees we were told by our 1st Sgt how much we would have to pay our House-boy each month to do our laundry etc. My “houseboy” was a gray haired old guy. On my 1st Saturday morning when I left the chow hall to prepare for Inspection I was surprised to find that my houseboy had laid out my footlocker etc as required. I was assigned to the Army Education Center where I worked for the remainder of my 2 years.

Jimmie Settlemoir - November 3, 2020

I too was at Camp Napunja, Okinawa arriving there in December, 1955. My unit was 3-9-3, Item company. we were there until we moved to Sukaran (sp). Can’t remember the date of the move. We were there Sept. 56 and swam at the beach the morning of the day that we lost eleven Marines to a rip tide. I was transferred to Weapons 3-9-3 at my request. Did not finish out my tour as my father was in a serious accident and I was sent home on emergency leave and then reported to Headquarters Battalion Camp Lejeune.

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