Can You Pick Out The Marine?

Can You Pick Out The Marine?

Can you find the Marine in this photo who has an attitude?

Malcolm Forbes
Cpl ’54-’57

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  • steve

    yeah his cover at arakish ankle his face face satern arms crossed,this him

  • Grant cunningham

    Grant Cunningham 1stsgt 1956-1984 September 5, 2016 at 09:30 am Back Row 4th from the left most square away

  • Dezperado

    2 row 3 one from the left with his arms crossed? Semper Fi , that would be me lol.

  • Don Spenard


  • SplashMan

    2nd row, 3rd from left. He has an EGA On his cover & His Dress Blues are double breasted, not single as the others.

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