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Chucks and Dog Tags

Chucks and Dog Tags

Our son waiting on the safe return of his father June 5th, 2005

I just wanted to send in a picture of our son this past weekend from his father's homecoming at MCAS Miramar. He was all decked out in his "Chucks" (charlies) like daddy's. And daddy was sure glad to see his "little marine"! My husband, Ssgt Christopher Cobb was with the 15th MEU(HMM-165 REIN MALS-16 DET) aboard the USS Bonhomme-Richard on a 6 month deployment. They were a part of Operation Unified Assistance and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Needless to say both father and son were joined once again, ohhhh and mommy too 🙂 He is 11 months old. P.S we got the dog tags from for the outfit too!!!

Thanks, Patricia Cobb
Ssgt Christopher Cobb
June 05th, 2005 Homecoming

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