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"Color Photos"

“Color Photos”

Sgt Grit,
These pictures were taken while Alpha company was operating off of hill 22 in Late 1967 and early 68. We moved to hill 10 in June of 1968.

1. Toughest squad of 1st Platoon
l-r standing Haymaker, ?, Wilson, Jones, ?, me, ” Baby” Franks
l-r bent over, Tilly, Benny Lee
l-r kneeling Munday, Lafountain, Towns
2. Mid patrol swim in the Song Tuy Loan river
l-r me, Mike Tarbox

Black and white Photos: On Patrol in 1968 off of hill 10
1. l-r Gomer, Ted Dalton (kia), Me, Lee Savistino
2. l-r Mcdivitt, Gant
3. Doc Williams “God Bless our Corpsmen”
Nat Holmes, served with Alpha Co 1st Bn 7th Marines, 1st Mar Div, Oct 67-Nov 68


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