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Corps Values

Reviewed by David Gadd

"Generation after generation of American men and women have given special meaning to the title United States Marine. These same men and women live by a set of enduring Core Values which forms the bedrock of their character. The Core Values give Marines strength and regulate their behavior; they bond the Marine Corps into a total force that can meet any challenge." Although these words are quoted from the Marine Corps website, they can be used to describe the basis for the book Corp Values by Georgia governor Zell Miller.

Governor Miller tells about his rural upbringing in northern Georgia by a strong willed mother. He tells about his less than perfect lifestyle and the life changing moment when he decided the Marine Corps was the way he needed to straighten out his life. The book is written in the style of Robert Fulgrum?s All I Really Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Zell Miller uses the tenents taught by his drill instructors at Parris Island as inspiration for each of his chapters. Each chapter in the book is a mini essay on a virtue that Governor Miller feels is a fundamental quality needed for society to function smoothly. Each chapter contains remembrances of the author?s days at boot camp and how the events and the people around him help shape his life into a success. It also explains the basic Marine philosophy of why such rigorous training is necessary for the survival of the Corps as well as the individual Marines.

This is a book that will be enjoyed by Marines and their families and anyone interested in improving their own lives. Families with relatives in boot camp will learn of the high standard of conduct the Marines will be demanding of their loved ones. Veteran Marines will enjoy the stories that remind them of their experiences, and civilians will benefit from the frank and poignant discussions of basic principles of successful living in today?s often liberal society. I highly recommend Corps Values. It is an easy read that can be finished in a day or a relaxing weekend. You will want to pass this book on to others meeting challenges in their daily lives, that they, too, can draw from the core values illustrated in this inspiring book.

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