Served from May 1961 – May 1965 (went through Parris Island MCRD) – when the DI’s were allowed to swear and smack you around a little if you needed it – and run your ass off – all night an all day if THEY so Chose – loved every minute of it. There was even the “Fat Man” Platoon – but I’m sure you can’t say that now – or it would hurt someone’s feelings of a “weight-challenged” individual. Now all the bleeding heart liberals in Congress – most of who are a bunch of pussywimpass non-vet Cowards have banned all such behavior on the part of DI’s who are trying to prepare Boys to be Men and to possibly go into combat if needed. Hey – if a Marine now encounters the enemy swearing at them or calling them names – are they supposed to report the incident to some State Side Military Lawyer and wait for permission to fire their weapon? Happy Horseshit we use to call it. Good luck to all who now go through the politically correct restrained “babysitting” MCRD experience.
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