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Dog Patch

My MOS was 6461 Crash Crewmen with MAG 11 in Danang '65-'66 .The call came around evening one night to respond to Dog Patch. A couple of buildings were on fire. While hitting the first building with water about a dozen hookers came running to the truck and starting climbing aboard and yelling F.U. Fire we take care of you. One girl was grabbing L/cpl Crooker  by the leg while he was kicking her to let go. Another was coming thru the door on my side while I was spraying water. Our M14s were right there, well I bent down and kicked her out the truck door when she hit the ground and got up she flipped me the bird and cursed… with that, they all ran. Shook my thinking these b-tches only had one thing on there mind and it wasn't about there houses on fire…
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