Duck part 2

By: Bob

I went to PI in October 67 and had the same duck….My version was “Duck in and Duck our ladies ( or sometime we were called ladies or maggots). I always eat dessert 🧁 first, this way I had it 🤷‍♂️ The good old days of Uncle Sams Misguided Children semper fi.

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  • Robert K. Otto

    PISC 1st Battalion, Plt 167. July -Oct 1958. All of the Platoon were Reservists and going through Boot Camp as part of the 6 months active duty. Most of the Platoon was from the Chicago or Minneapolis area. One of the guys parents owned a deli or grocery store in the Chicago area. One day during mail call he received a large box from them. Inside was nothing, but cheeses and salamis, a full box about 1 1/2 foot square. Everyone was wondering just how the SDI was going to handle it. He just took one look at the box and the recruit and turned around and turned the lights out saying that he didn’t want to see anything of the box in the morning. After the lights were out all you could here were the bayonets that everyone had coming out of the scabbards. There was no box around the next day.
    I have only heard from one of the platoon since then, Jerry McKeown of Michigan. He is in the Marine Corps League there.

  • Mike Breece

    Mike 1345 MCRD 76 platoon 3009 I remember the first time our DI said we were having duck today and I thought wow they really feed you good. Well that wasn’t the case our squad was the last to sit down and about that time our senior DI said well ladies here we are at the holiday inn. Then the first squad started getting up I said crap I’m starving. So just as I sat down and started shoveling down my food I had to get up. Just as I was about to put my tray through the window the OD of the day was a major standing right there. He said to me what’s the matter private don’t you like our food and I replied sir no sir the private wasn’t hungry. He said to me well you just sit down right there and finish your meal I said sir yes sir and part of me said to myself ah thank you and most of my thoughts were boy is my ass grass. Well when I got done and went out side the whole platoon was waiting on me and yes my ass was grass for about 3 hrs of SI Semper fi. 76 -80

  • Michael Banaszek

    I was at PI and received the “Platoooon Dismissed in May of both rahhhh, Semper Fi Brother.
    Mike Banaszek
    Sgt. USMC 75 – 79
    Retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent

  • Will Pentecost

    Devil Dogs, 75 – 99 MGySgt here and even then in 75 the duck was still on the menu. And I made sure it was still the favorite when I was a DI in 83 as well.
    Will Pentecost
    MGySgt, USMC, rET.

  • Bob 1381

    I was at PI in 1966, Platoon 215, graduated March 9. I recall one time when we marched to the mass hall it was in a torrential downpour. It so raining so hard that the street was running almost curb full of water. One of our sister platoons was waiting in formation ahead of us and when our DI gave us “Platoon Halt” their DI gave them “Ready Seats” right there in the middle of the flooded street. We were afraid that ours would do the same. However, we were spared that misery……Bob 1381

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