Eagles On His Shoulders

Eagles On His Shoulders

I was in Japan on a train headed for a camp that had belonged the Japanese during WW2. I was trying to open a bottle of Japanese whiskey and who comes walking through the train, Col. Puller. He looked right at me struggling with a cork, I thought “Oh sh-t”. Nothing happened.

The next time, after I had been placed in his regiment, the 1st in Korea, I walked into a shower unit and there was this guy chewing on a cigar, taking a shower. I didn’t remember who he was when he said, “Hi.” We finished about the same time and were getting dressed when I saw the Eagles on his shoulders. There was another time I ran into Colonel Puller, this the last time was when he turned the line around at chow on Thanksgiving. Pvt’s first Pfc’s next and Officers last.

I don’t believe there was anyone who wouldn’t have followed him to h-ll because he would have gotten us back. I am very proud that I met and served under “Chesty” Puller.

Cpl. J. R. Morris 1051995
First replacement Korea 1950

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