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El Toro Marine School

As I was setting here reading some of the stories, and went to into my memory log about my oldest son who now is 24 yrs old. He was only 4 yrs old when he went to El toro Marine School and he was born on November 10, 1990. He is always proud to know that his birthday falls on the same day as the Marine Corps Birthday. Sometimes nowadays when we sit around the campfire and tell our stories, he would always talk about the Marines that would be there to keep an eye on them when they went to school and out of school as roadguards. Once when we got back home a few years later we were in Tulsa and school was letting out, he said 'Dad' what are those, I replied, those are crossing guards for the school children, he looked at me with a smile, and said we never had those kind, we had MARINES. Now when I see a crossing guard, I just smile think of the Marines at the El Toro Marine School when I lived on base housing at the back gate by the baseball field. Thank you Marines for watching out for our future. Semper Fi! 

Ross Wolfe, LCpl

Motor T 374 Tustin '92-'96

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