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Everly Bros

The Everly brothers were in C battery 11th Marines. 16 area at Camp Pendelton. Quite the buzz when they showed up. Both were already PFC out of boot. Go figure. Anyway there were a few of their band members in with them. Never stayed at the barracks, went to Marty Valley Inn every nite.I was L/Cpl at the time an they were assigned to the Motor Pool with the rest of us drivers. OK guys. Their Mom and Dad showed up one day for a PR thing and oh boy was there ever a band on your typical Marine salty language. Plus every high ranking officer was around that day. Never a great thing. We all watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show and yes we gave them grief about that a Marines are, won't to do. They were doing a lot of PR stuff for the Corps so were not around all the time. But all and all good guys. And Marines.
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