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For Whom the Bugle Sounds

For Whom the Bugle Sounds
by Kevin Hussey Sr.

I know this place, the peaceful Scene,
The stones , the flags, the grass so Green
A warm May sun, a bright blue Sky,
Beneath this ground the Heroes Lie.

They come to this place every Year,
To visit Them. , and shed a Tear
For some were young, and some were Old,
Each with a story that should be Told.

Mothers and fathers, daughters and Sons,
They all remember what these Heroes have Done.
Old friends come here to Reminisce,
To talk to old buddies, they dearly Miss.

In Vietnam, at Allen Brook,
The enemy, your life they Took.
The guns, the smoke, the sound of Screams,
You fought till death with your fellow Marines.

Your name now etched on this Long Black Wall,
For All gave some, but you gave All.
They pass this place in silent Thought,
In dreams the battles are still being Fought.

I come today with my bugle in Hand,
With tears and sorrow I take my Stand.
I press my bugle to trembling Lips,
To honor those on land, air, and Ships.

Sleep my friend and be at Rest,
The Marines of the 3/27th send you their Best.
Pardon me Paul, as tears fall on this sacred Ground,
I know ??For Whom the Bugle Sounds??

To Honor the Memory of Cpl Paul Theriault
And the Marines of the 3/27th

Dedicated to All Those Who Served in the Vietnam War
? No One Dies- Till Their Memory Dies?

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