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Funeral LCpl Ross

Funeral LCpl Ross

Pamphlet for LCPL Ross's funeral

Sgt. Grit
I already notified you of the Loss of another Marine in Afghanistan. Lcpl. Jacob Ross.

Today April 1, 2010 was his funeral in Gillette, Wyoming.
About 250 miles North of Cheyenne, Wy.

We were sure there would be at least two Marines present.
The escort and the Officer in charge.
We wanted to make sure a couple of us OLD Marines would also be there.
We left Cheyenne about 0400 and drove North. Hit snow about 75 miles south of Gillette but we persevered.
Services were held at 10:00 at the Family Life Church.
Governor Freudenthal and Senator Barasso (he’s an associate of the member the Marine Corp League) of Wyoming attended and presented plaques to the the family. Mother , father and his still new bride of only a few months.

He was awarded the Purple Heart postumously at the service.
Several people that were in his life spoke of him at the service, and recounted some of the more memorable good times of his short life.
His escort spoke of him and said several other Marines are alive today because of Lcpl Ross’s actions that day. But did not elaborate. None was needed.
He performed his duty and exceled in doing it.

The entire route from church to graveyard had people standing on the sidelines in freezing snow and rain, offering their respects. The flags we saw were at half mast with the stars and stripes and the POW/ MIA, a few also had the Marine Corp flag displayed.

George Archuka, state president Of the Patriot Guard Riders and approximately 15 Patriot guard riders of Wyoming provided the alley of Flags at the church and gravesite And acted as a buffer if needed. Fortunately no disruptions occurred. Which Was wise. I doubt we Marines would of turned the other cheek.

As it turned out there were about 15 Marines in Dress Blues in attendance, And several more in civilian clothes, plus members of various veterans organizations.

Please keep L/cpl Ross and his family in your prayers.

On a side note, Cpl Dwain Carey (NLA) and myself stopped for breakfast at Granny’s diner in Gillette. We were graciously led to a both in the back, so we would not stand out.
We were informed some kind anonymous person paid for our coffeee and roll.
We asked the waitress to thank the person(s) for us.
If you are reading this, or know the person, please extend our thanks once again.

I am attaching a few select photos. I did NOT take any in church as did not want to be intrusive.
Nor did I take any of family members in their time of mourning for same reason.

Snow covered cemetery photo from LCPL Ross's funeral photo from LCPL Ross's funeral photo from LCPL Ross's funeral Bagpiper at LCPL Ross's funeral photo from LCPL Ross's funeral Lineup of Marines at LCPL Ross's funeral color guard at LCPL Ross's funeral photo from LCPL Ross's funeral photo from LCPL Ross's funeral

You may use any or all you deem appropriate. I did NOT label the pics as I believe the picture will speak for itself.

Semper Fi
Choo Choo
Sgt of Marines (NLA)
RVN 70-71

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