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George Batten - re: Newsletter 16 Oct 2014

George's grave marker was highlighted in the Sgt Grit Newsletter – 16 OCT 2014

George B. Batten enlisted in the Marine Corps on September 16, 1914. He was accepted into the service at Philadelphia, and went through recruit training as a member of Company D, Recruit Depot, Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia. After recruit training, he served with the Marine Detachment aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey. While aboard the New Jersey, he visited ports along the East Coast and Carribean, including Navy Yard Boston; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Guacanayabo Bay, Cuba; Culebra, Puerto Rico; Navy Yard, Philadelphia; Newport, Rhode Island; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Charleston, South Carolina; and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. In August 1916, Private Battan joined the 45th Company in the Dominican Republic, serving in La Cumbre and Canada Bonita. On November 8, 1916 George was promoted to Corporal. On June 8, 1917 the 45th Company became part of the 3rd Battallion, 5th Marines, and were assigned to the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). The company sailed the Atlantic for duty in France in June, 1917. On April 5, 1918 George was sent to the Army Candidates School in France. On July 31, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutentant, and assigned to Marine Corps Reserve Class 4. He then was assigned to the 1st Corps Artillery Brigade in Hosieres, France, where he participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. On November 16, 1918, he assumed command of 1st Platoon, 45th Company (Company "L") and participated in the march of the allied armies towards the Rhine River via Belgium and Luxembourg, following the evacuation of the German Army. He then marched to Waldbreitbach, Germany. On April 7, 1919 he took the oath of office as a 1st Lietentant, with a date of rank of August 18, 1918. He served in 20th Company (Company "K") as part of the Army of the Occupation at Stopperich, Germany. On June 6, 1919, he returned to the 45th Company (Company "L") as a Platoon Commander. On July 25, 1919, they embarked on the U.S.S George Washington at Brest, France for the return trip home. The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines were deactivated on August 13, 1919.

Data from USMC Muster Rolls

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