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At the Book Barn in CT, one of our customers came a copy of the Sgt Grit Newsletter (Volume 1). That was published over 13 years ago! The newsletter is delivered weekly by way of email to over 38,000 subscribers. It contains war stories, service memories, and images that display Marine warriors that set the standard, and carried on the traditions that make our legacy so legendary! Check out this week's Sgt Grit Newsletter – 13 Nov 14: I Am A Marine, One Man Bunker.

If you would like to receive the Sgt Grit Newsletter and Special Offers, you must subscribe. Special offers included discounts, random free standard shipping offers, random free gifts with your order, and much more!

View the latest Special Offers email at Did You Know Sgt Grit Has These USMC Items?

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In the Sgt Gritt Newsletters Volume One on page 155 is a copy of a poem I wrote titled Strange Breed. I would like to order/purchase a copy of the Volume One Newsletter.
Let me know what you need to accomplish same.
Thank you

Paul O’Brien-Kinsey,

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