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Green Beret

Green Beret

Hi Sgt Grit
I have just come out of Hospital after major Nero surgery,and being as I am really cut about I have to lay on a single mattress propped upall the time ,my Grandson lent me a small DVD player and feeling depressed they clubbed to-gether and bought me a DVD called “The Green Berets” what a great John Wayne movie,reminded me of my time in the Royal Marines Commandos (Green Beret’s ) 1957-68.Watching that film has helped me so much and has made me determined to fight my problems.

Always look forward to receving your monthly email,keep up the good work.

Regards aye

Per Mare Per Terram
PS: attached photo of HM the Queen’s personal Buglar and myself at a recent funeral of a former Royal Marines Green Beret.

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