Guard Duty at Iwakuni

Guard Duty at Iwakuni

This is me on guard duty while I was at Iwakuni, Japan. (78-79) My MOS was 1371 Combat Engineer. You can see the Quonset hut in the background that we lived in back then. I was told that both MAG 15 and MWSG 17 have since been retired. That is sad but the memories that I have of my fellow Marines that served with me are always with me.

Semper Fi,

L/CPL Kenneth McCauley

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  • Jim Ruffner

    I was there 1972-73.

  • Ken Graff

    Semper Fi Iwakuni Marines. Was SAR pilot from Feb 78 to Mar 79. Plucked a Navy Chaplain with broken back from bottom of waterfall. We got Boeing Rescue award. Crewchief Evans saved our lives guidung the 46 into box canyon cutting branches with rotorblades to make extraction. We changed some blades but saved our Chaplain. Seemper Fi.

  • Don Thompson

    I was there 58-59 with MWHG. Lived in Quonset huts as shown in picture. Righ outside main gate on right was “first chance restaurant”. When you were heading back to base, the side said “last chance restaurant”. They had great fried rice, which I love to this day. Siempre Fi.


    I was there in 1963 – 64 MWHG H&HS1 FMAW ,MOS 1341 ,We were at North end of the base , end of the flightline , motor-pool , I was the only heavy Equipment Mechanic on the base . Had a great time , I wanted to ship-over and stay but they said NO . E4 – CPL. Thomas Cole

  • Ed Pequignot

    SEMPER FI MARINES. I was the last at det c mwsg 17 1983 still have the plaque !! Warrent officer Carson and capt Stanton were our platoon leaders Such a great place. Thanks for the memories cpl Ed Pequignot 1982-1986.

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