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Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Happy Birthday Marine Corps
by Dave Watson

You?ve been on guard two centuries, three decades and a year.
You?re under-paid and overworked and get left over gear.
You?re old, but you don?t show it. You?re lean and can be mean.
You?re The Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The United States Marine!

Before our constitution, and our first president
This infant nation called You to the front line, and You went.
You?ve been there since New Providence on every battle scene.
You?ll always be there for us. You?re United States Marine!

You?ve been taken for granted, but You don?t seem to mind
That you?re beloved country left some of You behind.
You?re still there on the battle front, the most feared war machine.
It matters not how old You are. You?ll always be Marine!

You?ve triumphed over every foe of life and liberty.
From enemies on foreign soil to the cowards in D.C.
You rise above the slander of the wormy politicians
And pundits of the leftist cult that compromise You?re missions.

You?re valor and ferocity in war is legendary,
While kindness and humanity throughout the world You carry.
Ambassador of Liberty and Peace through strength and might.
But like the stoic Grizzly; Always ready for a fight.

You?re Good to Go, old Devil Dog. You?re lean and You?re still mean.
You?re front and center every time we need You, Old Marine!
God, Bless this Warrior Brotherhood and keep it?s honor clean.


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