I Learned In The Marine Corps

I Learned In The Marine Corps

L to R, Holland, Meadows (RIP), Adcock and Kennedy singing “Folsom Prison Blues” on board LPH8, USS Valley Forge (RIP), Jan. ’68. Holland had received that scotch in the mail and we were feeling pretty darn good. Kennedy and I just spent a week touring Civil War battlefields in VA, MD and PA. As Zell Miller, former Georgia governor and senator, said: “Everything I needed to know I learned in the Marine Corps!”

Semper Fi,
Bob Adcoc

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  • Richard “AJ” Alajajian

    I WAS ON THE VALLEY FORGE IN 69 or early 70, CRS. 3rd Bn 26th Mar, H&Sco

  • Jerry York

    I was aboard the Valley Forge in ’68; BLT 3/1, LSU Detachment.

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