Inspired By The Yellow Sweatshirts

Inspired By The Yellow Sweatshirts

Inspired by the Yellow Sweatshirt we wore during bootcamp in 1962, I designed and had made this Yellow T-Shirt for the surviving members of my boot camp platoon. Twenty-two members of Platoon 145 ordered thirty-two shirts. They shipped on Tuesday, February 16th and should be in the hands of the platoon members by Thursday February 18th or Friday February 19th.

Twenty-Nine Palms – My two fondest memories of 29 Palms are the enlisted swimming pool and the bus that transported me out of that sh-t-hole three and a half months after I got there.

Semper Fi

Forged on the anvil of discipline.
The Few. The Proud.
Jerry D.

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  • peter mcdonald

    .1/1964 There is one less mother of millions, sand flea…butt…..she got a full military burial by the killer and the clown who thought the D.I’s Jack Webb soliloquy, word for word, was real funny. Thank God that poor bastard was one guy in front of me. I thought it worthy of a smile, nearly a chuckle butt…yes … a smile. Oh soooooo close…my military career ending with a smile on my lips….

  • Rich Townsend

    I guess I know too many Polocks (oops – Polish people). My Senior Drill Instructor was GySgt J.P. Delkoski (looked it up in my book), not Delkowski.

  • jerry powers

    it wasnt 62 it was 72, pltoon 305 paris island sc.

  • Bernie Marvin

    You bring up a familiar name. Delkowski, not sure of his first name, but I went through Parris island July 8 to September 23, 1955 and one of our DI’s last name Delkowski. He was a staff sergeant then with my other DI’s, Gunny Zubrech, Sergeant howland and Sergeant Logan.

  • Rich Townsend

    My sweat in Platoon 341 at Parris Island in 1962 watered GySgt Delkowski’s sand flea farm.

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