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Iraqi Recycling

Iraqi Recycling

Hello everyone,
Attached is picture of an AK-47 that will be given to the border guards. This is called Iraqi recycling, I will explain.

  1. The Iraqi soldier got it from a rebel terrorist, who was trying to overthrow the government, but was killed.
  2. We kill the enemy Iraqi solider who is using the AK to try and kill us.
  3. We are not allowed to pick up souvenirs or possible bobby trapped weapons, so it is picked up by a local.
  4. The local is killed by a rebel terrorist, who takes the AK.
  5. We kill the rebel terrorist and, this time, take the AK.
  6. We give the AK to the border guards because they have no weapons. That is because they are former military, who lost their weapons per sentence 2.
  7. Rebel terrorists kill the border guard and take the AK.
  8. We kill the rebel terrorist, take the AK and give it to a new border guard.
  9. This cycle continues over and over. The biggest problem is; somewhere in this never ending cycle, American military are being killed by that same weapon.

At least there will always be job security for the military. Hope everyone is having a great day. 1st Sgt T. Mancheste

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