Itchy Tropicals

While on the drill field ('63-'65 and '67-'70) I wore trops during the summer. I ran, jumped, excersized and marched proudly every day. Never an itch. After being cleaned and pressed a few times, they held a much better crease especially in the trousers after having to sit at a desk for an hour doing paper work.
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  • Tom Stuckey – Still a Marine, Still Cpl

    Agreed, I personally thought the tropical uniform was extremely sharp looking. As stated after a few cleanings and pressings the problems with the uniform were gone. Because of uniform needs it was necessary to purchase much more than standard issue. The trousers held a crease all day long. When I was later stationed in Japan I had my uniforms tailored to remove the extra material. I too had duties that required paperwork and sitting at a desk, but also a good amount of walking hallways and often driving for short periods of time. Tropicals held up better than winter green. Looking good? Nothing beats a Marine Corps uniform of any color, correction; the dress blues tops all.

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