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January 22 2004

Display of 6 pictures featuring 2 helicopter photos, and photos of 4 Marines

January 22 2004

Today’s date is January 22 2009. this marks the 5th year of the passing of our son Cpl. Joshua Harris. He along with 3 other Marines died when their Huey helicopter struck tower 197 in Talega Canyon. The other three Marines were Capt. Michael Lawlor, Capt. Adam Miller and Sgt.Lori Privette. This canyon is on the northern perimeters of Camp Pendleton. These Marines deployed to Kuwait in January of 2003 where they served 10 months flying numerous missions into Iraq. My son came home in October and then again during Christmas of 2003. January 22 2004 these Marines were on a training flight using NVG’s, they were to be redeployed in April . This was the day that determined these 4 Marines where not to come home again.

Since this time the Wife and I have traveled to Camp Pendleton and I really appreciated meeting the flight line of MAg-39 and the members of HMLA 169. It is true of the family feelings Marines have towards each other. I experienced it first hand. Even though the parents of the rest of the crew are from different parts of the country, Maryland, Illinois, North Carolina and we are from Florida, we had the opportunity to meet. Yes, we share a common bond but I believe we have also developed a lasting friendship.

My thoughts are with the brave parents of and the Bravest of the Brave, the USMC.

Charles Harris

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