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KC 130s Fatenma

I was just back from Nam and the monsoons were in full swing at Fatenma! Three of the Electric shop and me were sent out to work on the vertical stabilizer with the wind and rain going great guns!! Well we needed a check stand so I grabed one half on and half off the pad. I went to jurk it back on the pad, I just grabbed and I got hold of the tow tung not the legs and pulled!! The stand didn't move but the tung did. I went over on my back holding the tung and the eyelet hit me square in the face! Knocked me cold on the spot on my back lying in the rain. All rest of the team were standing around me busting a gut. They laughed so hard they just left me there!! I ended up with a black and blue ring on my face for a good week! Everyone would look a bust up because the whole squadron heard about it!!

Larry Dent

Sgt 67-71

VMGR 152 

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