Kids Today vs. Generations Prior

Kids Today vs. Generations Prior

I joined the US Marines Corps at 17 in 88’ with my mother’s signature… as I entered boot camp swore I would not come home if didn’t earn that EGA in the end. Two years later at 20yrs old in 91’ with WPNS Co 1/7 1st Mar Div Task Force Ripper fought and destroyed the 4th largest Army in the world with (then) Lt Col. Mattis as our Battalion Commander.

I know our war compares not to those fought by brave American’s in the past… but one thing holds true, there are still young men/women within our citizenry willing to lay down their lives if necessary in defense of the greatest nation on this planet.

Hopefully these buttercups in college today will get a quick reality check when they enter the real world and finally grow up.

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